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Lord Tessaril Winter


Tessaril is a tall lady almost 6 feet high, with ash-blond hair and a slim almost elven build. She has an almost catlike grace as she walks, and prefers to wear simple dark robes or a leather jacket and riding breeches. She owns a suit of beautiful crafted chainmail and a large metal Purple Dragonshield adorned with the silver star of her lordship. She is most often seen with her familiar a tressym or winged cat riding on her shoulder or running along next to her feet.

Roleplaying tips

Tessaril enjoys working and she is quite proud of Eveningstarís peace and beauty, aswell as her friendships with Dunmanand other locals. The people have great respect and love for her, and she knows it. When not using her sharp mind and skills as an accompliced mage Tessaril enjoys using spells to help or entertain children. She is a skilled dancer and despite her status she is often go dancing as often as her duties allow the men of the town, many of whom are helplessly in love with her (and will fight to the death for her).Tessaril is fond of fried snake, venison, and the amber firewine of Aglarond, but is quite content with more ordinary fare: roast beef or pork, and beer or the semi-sweet white wine of Sembia. Lord Winter has a soft spot for adventurers, fondly remembering her own career, and is apt to give them the benefit of the doubt. She keeps a close watch on all such types who enter her territory, knowing adventurers can be a source of rapid and ever-growing trouble but in the current situation they are more often than not the only profesionales she can rely on to handle the many problems to plague the nation.

Key Info

Lady Tessaril Winte is a human noble female wizard fighter from the town of Eveningstar in the Forest Kingdom of Cormyr. She is soft-spoken, quick to find amusement in life, and easy-going.


Tessaril is soft-spoken, quick to find amusement in life, and easy-going. When she gets angry, she is apt to turn white-faced and quiet. She gave up her adventuring career to serve the man and the village she loved, and put away thought sof becoming a powerful wizard, but she still enjoys acquiring new spells and using those she knows to keep the peace and seek out evil intrigue.


Operating under the name "Tessar the Mage", and disguised as a man, she was formerly a member of the King's Men adventuring band. She gained some local fame in this role. She was also once a lover of King Azoun IV of Cormyr, some time prior to his wedding. Because she wantet to serve her beloved village and king, Tessaril retired from the adventuring career, and from the path of a mighty mage. She became Lord Tessaril Winter of the town of Eveningstar in Cormyr, holding this position by 1348 DR. In her time as lord, she was once warned about orc and bandit attacks by Deularla Ithruen. She also once used the Hidden House of the Sword Heralds. Once, King Azoun was set upon by Zhentarim agents with poisoned blades whilst dancing in The Low Lantern tavern, only to be defended by a crowd of unarmed villagers. When the alert was raised, Tessaril led a squad of Purple Dragons and routed the assassins.

Lord Tessaril Winter
Lord Tessaril Winter


"Life is a fascinating puzzle, don't you think? And I intend to solve it, one piece at a time."

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