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About us

(it's a lie its only me)

One man army, lots to conquer

This site is currently just being built by me (the obviously handsome guy to the right) in an attempt to create a part of the realms that feels just a little more alive.

The end goal is to map all cities and villages in Cormyr, as well as describe for GMs and Playes, who and what they might find when traveling the great country of Cormyr, but i am starting with Eveningstar.

Wellcome to Eveningstar

But before I go there I will attempt to focus on Eveningstar and the surrounding area in around 1374 DR.

The point will be to describe to players the basics of the city, who they might encounter and if they are local people where to go for XXX. Kinda like real world travel guides.

Explore the land, become the lord

But for the GMs i will attempt to build ready to use storylines and location based encounters displayed on a (to be developed) hex grid map.

The idea is that your (and my) playes can go explore the countryside and discover small dungeons, new people, small villages or even resources that can, if they so desire, be used for providing resources for base building.

If you think this sounds like a Kingmaker campaign you are right. Just for Cormyr.

About me

GM running on 20 years, have 3 kids, 1 wife, 1 dog, 1 cat and works 60 hours a week. This is my hobby and i love it.

Kind regards
Claus from Denmark

Want to help?

If you want to help build the site, has some great ideas for encounters, want to flesh out some village NPC or are a DM who wants to collaborate, or just want to say hello, please fill out the form below.

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