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Let the adventure begin

The Eveningstar Campaign

explore – experience – remember

Campaign overview

Openworld design

Go on adventures or just go explore

Ever since I first read Paizo Publishing's Kingmaker module years ago, the idea to make an open world DND game for the Forgotten Realms just got stuck in my head.

So the current plan is to make the town of Eveningstar in Forgotten Realms and more specifically northern Cormyr, after the events that led to the near collapse of the kingdom, the base from which your players can go on adventure, while they discover the secrets of the land.

You can send them on a multitude of small and large quests as you see fit and most hex on the map, that the players venture through will have something to discover from events and side quests, to interesting locations, all aiming to make the land and the world surronding the town of Eveningstar i Forgotten Realms seem alive.

Work in progress - sample test map with grid

    Sections done

    Go explore Eveningstar in Forgotten realms

    The basis for the campaign site

    New Maps

    For any hex location based open world to succeed you need to define the land you are traveling and so one of the first tasks will be to create new more detailed maps for Eveningstar and the land around.

    The People of Eveningstar

    To make any campaign come to life for your players they need people to interact with and so it only makes sense to flesh out most of Eveningstars NPC’s to make your job as a GM easy and interesting for your players.

    Eveningstar Coat of Arms

    Locations content

    Maps and easy to use NPC are a good basis for any campaign but without descriptions for locations, cool encounters and side trek adventures and how to tie them all together the whole campaign site will miss its purpose.

    Campaign guide

    This segment will be dedicated to explaining how to get the most out of the site and how to tie existing published adventures into the campaign. The Sunless Citadel updated for 5ed is a perfect example of an adventure that easily could be fitted into the campaign. Currently i have modified 5e downtime activities for Eveningstar

    When will the site be done?

    Short answer is never

    I dedicate some nights every week to get just one more item crossed off on my list. Sometimes it's just correcting some spelling mistakes or adding a few small bits of lore, sometimes I am spending hours working on maps, page design, dynamic content etc. I hope to have the technical stuff, the design, maps and the foundation done by the end of september 2021  2022 (life said no) ;). Then expand as I have the time and of course playtest it with my trusty group of friends.

    Hope you like the idea. Hope even more that you would like to make your mark on the campaign. Safe travels friend!

    Want to contribute?

    Have you looked at this site and thought I can do better, please do! Find mistakes and errors, let me know. Have a good idea for an encounter or a cool NPC share it. Want to give some advice? Please do.