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WELLcome to the town Eveningstar

Eveningstar overview

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Eveningstar overview

As of 1372 DR

Eveningstar in Forgotten realms is the home of about 954 people whom most are Chondathan human, with a sizable portion of half elves, a few elves and halflings. But since Eveningstar is a popular stopover on a busy trade route, a handful of other races have settled the town over the years for various reasons.

The small, picturesque town is located where the Starwater road meets the High road at the crossing of the Starwater river in northern Cormyr. As a mainly farming community it boasts a well stocked farmers market and before the events of the last war had several places for the varied traveler to get a drink or rest his feet.

Now the town is home to a large contingent of Purple Dragons that are on a constant lookout for remnants of the Goblin army that invaded Cormyr, constantly patrolling the High Road and making tours up the Eveningstar gorge to eliminate any threats they find in order to secure the pastures and keeping the town safe.

But still, despite some homes still being rebuilt, most scars of the last war have faded leaving behind a town full of trees (mostly fruit trees) and carefully tended gardens, with winged cats, called tressym, flying over and around the village occasionally accepting a treat from the local townsfolk.

Law and order in Eveningstar

Despite Lord Tessaril Winters having a more relaxed attitude towards adventures, than the rest of Cormyr, she still very much enforces the laws of Cormyr.

Militia and defense

To aid her she can currently call on the about 150 stationed Purple Dragons and if the threat is serious there are also stationed 2 competent War wizards. At any given time about half of the Purple Dragons are on patrol and if pressed she can also muster the local militia of around 45 well-trained, but poorly equipped, local citizens.

Law Enforcement

9 of the Purple Dragons act as town guards lead by Captain Flaergan Hondh, drawn mostly from soldiers that were stationed in the town before the war or recruited local people. Normally, most of the townsfolk know them by name and outsiders can identify them by the Eveningstar crest added to their uniform's right shoulder. They try not to bother Lord Tessaril with minor offenses, instead just hand justice out on the spot and most often, if its local people, have a firm talk and a word of warning for minor offenses.

If it's more serious the following guidelines can be used and normally Minor and Major Crimes are brought before Lord Tessaril.

Crimes and justice in Eveningstar

Petty Crimes

Unarmed brawling, pickpocketing, failing to procure a Royal Charter of Arms on request or other crimes that cause less than 50 gp in damages are all viewed as petty crimes.

The penalty for unarmed brawling is a fine of 2d6 gp and most often a day or two in the local arrest, pickpocketing on the other hand carries a fine of 2d6 gp to the crown, 2d6 gp to the offended and either one day of hard labor per gp owned and/or public flogging at the local town square.

Minor crimes

Armed assault with a deadly weapon and/or magical assault that did not cause the death of the defender, wearing a weapon that has not been peace bound, along with any property damages that caused between 50 gp and 250 gp of damages, are minor crimes.

The penalty is a fine of 100 gp and serve 1d4 years in Arabels prison or assigned to hard labor for the same amount of time. In the case of having a weapon that is not peace bound the person is also expelled from the realm after serving prison time

Major crimes

Any crime more severe than described above are considered major crimes. It includes, but not limited to, murder, rape, arson, etc.

The penalty is at minimum 2 years in prison and confiscation of all property and can go up to 20 years in prison with the most severe cases receiving immediate execution upon conviction.

For major crimes that could result in execution in Eveningstar, where the perpetrator isn't caught in the act or the evidence is not crystal clear, a conviction normally requires by tradition that the Lord of Eveningstar and the High Priest of the temple of Lathander oversee the trial. Representing the earthly and spiritual matters of the case.

Commerce in Eveningstar

A farming community

Eveningstar is first and foremost an agricultural community and as such most of what they trade are of that nature. The immediate surrounding area are all cultivated fields with large orchards of mostly apple trees. The hills further afield are used for raising cattle called ”sharrada” small shaggy-furred, long-horned hardy beef cattle that can survive colder winters than men and keeps sheep in stonewalled “high pastures” on the edge of the Stonelands. Closer to home they keep goats, milk cows and a variety of birds. 

Evanor farmers normally grow much more than their own needs require and as such they produce wool, wine, cider, milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, mutton, carrots, beans, parsnips, and parchment.


Most of the trade in foodstuff is handled by the Temple to Lathander who owns quite a bit of the surrounding lands, which it then in return rents out to the local farmers to cultivate or use for grazing.

The temple itself also operates its own large farm. The farmers sell their goods to the temple who then sort, grade and pack the vegetables, cheeses and animals for later transport to markets such as Arabel or Suzail. The arrangement is that the farmers don't have to go to the local farmers market to haggle their produce to traders who pass through the town and can expect a fair price with less hassle from the temple. The temple on the other hand makes a tidy profit shipping it to where the best prices can be had. 

The Evanor farmers that don’t want to sell directly can always go to the farmers market that is held every 6 days in the town square and if they are good hagglers, they can hope to get a little more coin from either passing caravans that are looking to save a few gold, either coming from or going to Arabel, where the prices are generally higher. Also there is alway some tradesmen coming from Arabel or when either the wine or cider is ready to be shipped even as far away as Suzail.

Eveningstar overview