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Wellcome adventure!

A Forgotten Realms campain guide set in and around Cormyr

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Discover Cormyr, explore the land.

Cormyr is one of the oldest kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. It's a land of classic fantasy, where until recently a strong king ruling his subjects fairly and evenly, but recent events with the Goblin War only a few years away have changed that. Nobles are still struggling against each other for the scraps of power that the crown does not hold onto and adventuring companies who are willing to clear dangerous lands of ferocious monsters for a small share of the crown's treasury are in high demand although not always in high regard. 

The Eveningstar Campaign

Eveningstar, a picturesque little town in northern Cormyr and a popular stopover on a busy trade route. It is home to some 900 people, most of whom dream of living a quiet predictable life, but the invasion of Nalavarauthatoryl the Red, a gargantuan ancient red wyrm and her army of goblins, burned that dream to ashes.

Now the town, backed by the Crown, is under constant pressure to clear the surrounding countryside of all forms of foul creatures and evil forces who are trying their best to capitalize on the chaos after the country itself was nearly brought to the brink of annihilation.

In these trying times Lord Tessaril Winters has sent out an invitation for brave good hearted adventurers to join Eveningstar in its efforts to rid the land of evil.

Will you heed the call or fan the flames?