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Map of Eveningstar

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Map of Eveningstar in Cormyr - Forgotten realms
The Lonesome Tankard inn

01 - The Lonesome Tankard


This used to be the most visited, famous for its warm and somewhat rustic interior, great ale and hearty foods, as well as the original base for the Knights of Myth Drannor. But sadly after the last war, the owner Dunman Kiriag went home to find that the building had suffered badly under the goblin attack and that someone had managed to find the gold he had saved over the years leaving him without funds for the repairs.

But as luck would have it the crown needed a place to house 150 Purple Dragons while they scour the land of the remaining goblins and orcs, so Dunman made a deal allowing them to use his Inn, as long as needed and in return they would make the needed repairs.

So now Dunman caters to the soldiers in the inn prober, but still sells his famous ale out the kitchen window in the back, to people remembering the good old days.

Eveningstar Hall

02 - Eveningstar Hall

Government building

Eveningstar Hall is the only government building in the town. It serves as the office for Lord Tessaril Winter, has her herald, Tzin Tzummer and the town clerk and purser Auldo Morim.

It also contains the town's meeting hall, barracks for visiting Purple Dragons, and a jail. The jail, although not normally needed much aside from keeping a local for safekeeping while he sleeps off one to many, contains one cell that has been warded against teleportation magic where a spellcaster can be shackled, gagged and bound.

Ruldo Stables

03 - Ruldo Stables


Ruldo Stables is the largest stable in Eveningstar, owned by Ladian Ruldo and operated by him and his 2 daughters.

Ruldo Stables provides all manner of services and goods for horses and other mounts, including buying, selling, and renting horses and ponies and even stabling exotic beasts for adventurers who manage to capture them.

Ruldo Stables is actually split into two locations: the northern stables (#3 on the map) on the Market Square, across the street from the Lonesome Tankard, and the southern stables (#30 on the map), near Ladian's home along the Starwater.

Doing the war he rejoined the Purple Dragons and even after being released from service continued to serve the Crown by providing care and stabling for their mounts. (for a fee mind you)

Ruldo normally has a few mounts for sale, most often 1-2 riding horses and 1-3 ponies, both normally from local hardy breeds

Eveningstar - Market Square

04 - Market Square

The Market Square is prime real estate surrounding public land used to host festivals, fairs, and the weekly farmer's market, which is the main source of social interaction for most Evenor.

Most of the Eveningstar produce such as wine, parchment, wool, milk, cheese, eggs, poultry, mutton, beans, carrots, and parsnips are sold here to passing caravas or by traders coming from Arabel hoping to make a good bargain.

It's also here you can find temporary shrines being set up by various traveling priests for no more than 3 days, by order of Lord Tessaril Winter.   

Ashnairn’s Fine Clothing Shop

05 - Ashnairn’s Fine Clothing Shop


Owned and operated by the widow Nadiir Ashnairn and her son Asgeir Ashnairn. Her husband Solomun went missing together with her daughter Sadiir doing the war and no word of their fate has reached her and in her heart she still has a flickering hope that they will return to her.

In the meantime she keeps producing and selling fashionable clothes to locals and travelers alike.

06 - Ebbard Highsong, Butcher

Shop, Service

Only one of three shops lined up to the market square, this solid brick building has a magnificent facade backed by a smokehouse that has almost fallen into ruin.

The butcher Ebbard Highsong is widely respected as a skillful butcher who is so adept that he can butcher and hang something as large as a bull in a few minutes. His skill reaches beyond mere butchering as he is also able to identify most creatures from bones, a handful of hair or scraps of hide, and sometimes even a bit of meat. How he came to possess such a remarkable skill is not something he is willing to talk about, but many adventurers and Crown investigators have found his talents very useful.

Ebbard works almost nonstop at spring lambing and the fall slaughter. His prices are very reasonable for both rav meats and finished produce. He sells quite a few well seasoned and smoked sheep sausages that can keep well for months.

The Old Boot - Wagonmaker and harness shop

07 - The Old Boot - Wagonmaker and harness shop

Shop, Service

The fat, greedy merchant Arbold Tethyr owns and operates three businesses, The Old Boot, a rooming house and a hardware store. He is very fond of acquiring more wealth and it shows as Arbold’s prices are steep, but to his credit, his skilled workers can do very quick wagon or harness repairs and custom jobs inside a tenday.

He can even modify a wagon for a new, personalized look in four days or less.

Minor repair cost 25g and 40gp for something a little more serious, but even as it might be a little steep merchants pay it grudengly as his repairs are swift.

Arbold wisely leaves his 5 workers to get on with things, confining himself to his role as merchant and making money. For an extra fee, Arbold’s employees create small hiding places in a wagon. This service typically costs 25 to 50 gp per niche, depending on its size.

Residence of Auldo Morim and barracks

08 - Residence of Auldo Morim and barracks

Goverment building

Residence of Auldo Morim (town clerk and purser) and barracks for the local Purple Dragon detachment.

Residence of Lord Tessaril Winter

09 - Residence of Lord Tessaril Winter

Home, Goverment

Tessaril dwells in a large 3 stories stone house that has a porch running along its entire front. It includes several cozy rooms to house important visitors, and a cupola (her favorite vantage-point) as the space under the dome has a great view of the surrounding countryside.

Tzin Tzummer lives with her, as well as a small group of Purple Dragons serving as bodyguards or horseguards.

Orsborg's Adornments

10 - Orsborg's Adornments

Home, Shop, Service (barber/perfumer/tattoo artist)

The fat, charismatic and extravagantly dressed Vilnar Orsborg provides body adornment services of all sorts and is quite popular with clients traveling a long way to purchase his services. His tattoo work has smooth, swirling curves and great grading color work and has even attracted the attention of distant Calishite satraps, who send a few valued servants every year to be tattooed.

Orsborg is also an expert perfumer. His sense of smell and knowledge of them is so good that he is often called upon to identify obscure scents by the crown, slighted husbands, and adventurers. It costs about 6 gp for this service but only if he can identify the smell. .

The House of the Morning, temple to Lathander in Eveningstar

11 - The House of the Morning

Shop, Service, Temple of Lathander

Under the leadership of Patriarch Charisbonde “Trueservant” Belon, this wealthy and influential temple complex to Lathander farms and invests in the new businesses and bold ventures of others with vigor and enthusiasm.

The 28 priests under Belon include the wary sarcastic Jelde Asturien, a retired Knight of Myth Drannor who serves as the temple's secular liaison.

Among his other duties, he tries to uncover fraud and misuse of Lathander’s bounty by keeping an eye on folk who’ve taken temple money to aid them in their ventures. Jelde and his fellow senior priests command several powerful magical items and a willing work force of 170 resident lay followers.

They run a very successful farm that produces herbs, nuts, plants for use in scents and medicines, and enough food to see to all village and temple needs.

The temple feeds and houses guests of most good and neutral faiths for a nightly fee. Healing services are performed unstintingly, but the fees are steep enough to see the entire temple through a lean decade, not just a bad year!

The House of the Morning - Temple Granaries

12 - Temple Granaries

Always guarded by a few lay followers of Lathander. One is always equipped with a signal horn in case of trouble and blowing it will quickly bring the clergy and the local Purple Dragons.

The House of the Morning -Temple fields

13 - Temple fields

Temple fields, wheat and vegetables grown by and for clergy

14 - Pillar Rock


Pillar Rock is a strange rock formation that sticks out of the otherwise flat hill in northwestern Eveningstar.

It is a local landmark and, due to the view it affords of the Eastern Storm Horns, a popular date spot.

At the base of Pillar Rock is the entrance to, what most expect, an old tomb. The entrance to the tomb has been caved in as long as anyone can remember and no one has ever tried to dig it out in fear of disturbing the dead.

The only thing visible is the outer portal frame, which is so weathered that the few markings still visible are impossible to decipher.

Redhand Pool

15 -Redhand Pool

A popular fishing spot for the locals and often used for swimming by kids and adults in sommer as the Starwater river's flow is slowed greatly on the banks.

Deltar’s Mill in Eveningstar

16 - Deltar’s Mill

Service, Shop

This large mill stands on the Starwater’s west bank below Redhand Pool (the mill’s millpond) and it's the most northerly of Eveningstar’s buildings.

The mill is accompanied by a comfortable house with a large vegetable garden and a raised grain warehouse and is the home of Deltar Tummarlin.

All grain and flour crops from the surrounding farmers are grinded as his mill and besides being a well respected miller he is also a great baker and is rightly so famous for his onion loaves. These foot-long, broad loaves are generously spiced with cumin, leeks, and onion. They’re yours for 1 cp each, and they’re best eaten right out the oven with your drippings of choice.

The Mill is also well known to be haunted by the phantom of a noble lady who drowned here in times past. A lot of the local men have seen her at night as she has a tendency to follow men who have recently visited the mill.

She is always seen dripping wet, in a clingy fine dress, walks up to her victim and as she is giving him a damp, chilly embrace she says in a low voice “you are not my lord” and then vanishes.

Several people have reported that her embrace gifted them with the power to detect undead around them for a month and some even say they had dreams that can only be described as visions of warning.

Deltar and others have tried to investigate why the haunting is happening but it remains a mystery, and Deltar does not want the ghost to be harmed and gets really furius if anyone attempts to harm the lady.

High Pasture - Common grazing land

17 - High Pasture

Common grazing land
The Iron Hand (smithy); Master Armorer Dhurthal Ironhand

18 - The Iron Hand

Shop, Service, Smith

The quiet, no nonse, Dhurthal Ironhand is the Master Armorer of the Iron Hand, and his powerful athletic build combined with a magnificent flowing blond hair and mustache, has made more than one maid look dreamily his way.

Currently he only has a small and somewhat pricey selection of armor to sell, as most of his work has been commissioned by the Purple Dragons.

He is known to provide gleaming everbright treatment to plate armor on orders made by the nobles or wealthy patrons who can afford it.

He also has a lucrative sideline production of pewter pots cast by his apprentices when they have some spare time.

The smithy is known to locals to be protected by several magical swords that hang near the loft and can, if the right command is given, fly down and attack any intruder, something that has happened more than Dhurthal has ever hoped.

The Golden Unicorn Inn

19 - The Golden Unicorn Inn


The Golden Unicorn Inn is run by Selda Imyara and her two daughters.

They have made this backstreet inn a cozy, quiet place that despite the troubles on the road going through and from Eveningstar, normally is full of people willing to pay a little extra for the comfort and good hearty food it provides.

Some of its rooms have their own entrances directly to the outside giving some discretion for patrons who need no praying eyes.

Baskar's Nook

20 - Baskar's Nook

Print Shop

Baskar Lendo is a historian and genealogist who has made a name for himself in the field of the history, folklore, and genealogies of the heartlands of Cormyr. He has a deep understanding of the past of Cormyr and has spent a lot of time researching the actions of nobles and adventurers.

Baskar operates a print shop in the back streets of Eveningstar, which used to be a granary. The shop is cluttered and dusty, and Baskar himself is tall but stooped, thin, and nervous. His failing eyesight makes him seem curious and alert as he peers at everything. In his shop, Baskar produces and sells inks, parchment, and handbills. One of his handbills reads:

"FOR HIRE: One Adventuring Band. Bold and capable. No job too small. Discretion guaranteed. Charter has been approved! Contact Cargoth at the Low Lantern."

Baskar Lendo produces a newspaper called the Cormyr Clarion, which is a single sheet broadsheet paper. It contains a variety of interesting content for readers, including current gossip and happenings in Eveningstar, information about upcoming local sales and events, and a column with salacious rumors. The paper is a good source of information about the community and can be entertaining to read, with snide comments that are worth the 2-cp cost on their own. The cryptic messages can be placed for a fee (typically 5 gp per message)in the column allowing people to communicate with each other without revealing their business to everyone else. For example, a message might read: "Randor says the silverbeak's flown from its nest at last."

Shop, Service: doctor and midwife

21 - Mother Tethos

Shop, Service: doctor and midwife

Mother Tethos is a highly respected and beloved member of the community in Eveningstar She is a doctor and midwife who sells cordials, herbs, and gentle curios, and is known for her expertise and compassionate care. Despite not being a cleric, Mother Tethos is highly skilled at helping the sick and charges a small fee for her services. She is well-liked by the townsfolk of Eveningstar and is valued for her contributions to the community

The Low Lantern Inn, Dance hall, Theater

22 - The Low Lantern

Inn, Dance hall, Theater

The Low Lantern is a multi-purpose establishment that serves as a tavern, dance hall, and theater. It is known for its lively atmosphere and is run by Maea "Iron Eyes" Dulgussir, who is known for her charm and defensive magic.

The Lantern is popular among travelers and locals alike, and is often visited by minstrels who provide music for the patrons. Although it does not serve a wide range of food, it is known for its smoked oysters and garlic-buttered biscuits. The cellars of the Lantern hold a variety of wines, including rare and exotic options such as ruby-and-gold elverquisst vine and alurlyath spirit.

Overall, it is a great place to spend an evening and is recommended for those who enjoy wine and a lively atmosphere.

Tethyr Hardware shop

23 - Tethyr Hardware


Tethyr Hardware is a store that sells a huge variety of hardware items, including chains, rope, oil, and candles. It is owned by Arbold Tethyr (see location 7+24)  and managed by his three fat daughters, Lirien, Eiluned and Elara Tethyr. The store is a reliable source for these types of products as he has deals with several caravans masters that regular travels through the area.

Olff's Rest and Tethyr's Court Inns

24 - Tethyr's Court


Olff's Rest and Tethyr's Court are two rooming houses in the town of Eveningstar.
Tethyr's Court is owned by Arbold Tethyr and managed by his wife and several maids. It is known for being clean and cheerful, but not particularly exciting. Olff's Rest is even less inspiring and is not highly recommended by travelers. Both establishments offer rooms for rent on a daily or monthly basis, at a rate of 1 sp per night with included stabling. However, this fee does not include meals and there is no option for single night stays. Travelers who are unable to find a room at the Tankard or Unicorn are required to pay for a full tenday, even if they only plan to stay one night.

Uldar the Potter (home and shop)

25 - Uldar the Potter

Shop and home

Uldar the Potter is a skilled potter who creates most of the town's pottery for everyday use. He is known for his exceptional pottery, which is renowned for its quality and beauty. In addition to creating pottery for everyday use, Uldar is also famous for his intricate and finely crafted pieces, which are highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts all over Cormyr. 

The Silver Branch - a high-end shop

26 - The Silver branch


The Silver Branch is a high-end shop located on the main road on the north side of the High Road. It is known for its quality merchandise, including jewelry, art, glasswork, and fine silks from Mulhorand and other distant locations. One of the shop's standout features is a helmed horror guardian, a floating torso-shaped construct that guards the shelves of merchandise.

The shop's selection of jewelry includes delicate, locally made pieces made from everbright silver and set with sapphires. The art selection appears to consist mainly of romantic paintings of Cormyrean knights and monsters in a forest setting with crumbling ruins and chained maidens. The glasswork offered by the Silver Branch is particularly exquisite, with fluted blown glass pieces available for purchase at prices starting at 40 gold pieces.

The proprietress, Amathaea Arryn, is skilled in gem identification and can quickly spot fake gemstones. She and her daughters also create some of the jewelry sold in the shop and can customize paintings by adding a customer's face to a knight or maiden figure or a specific charge of arms to a shield. The Silver Branch is popular with merchants looking for high-end gift items to resell in Sembia, Iriaebor, or Amn.

Olffs Rest Inn

27 - Olffs Rest


See location 24 Tethyr's Court

The Eveningstar Bakery

28 - The Eveningstar Bakery


The Eveningstar Bakery is a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. Owned and operated by the talented baker Urda Malo, the bakery is known for its delicious and varied selection of baked goods.

Located in the bustling market district of Eveningstar, the bakery is a charming, two-story building with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Inside, the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries fills the air, drawing in customers from all over the city.

Urda Malo is a skilled baker with a passion for creating new and interesting flavors. She is particularly known for her three signature creations:

  1. Moonrise bread: A fluffy, white bread with a hint of sweetness, this bread is named after the beautiful moonrise that can be seen from the bakery's upstairs windows.

  2. Starlight tarts: These delicate, flaky tarts are filled with a variety of fruit fillings and topped with a sprinkle of sugar. They are named after the stars that twinkle in the sky above Eveningstar.

  3. Sunrise pastries: These warm, buttery pastries are filled with a spicy mixture of sausage, onion, and cheese, and are the perfect way to start the day. They are named after the beautiful sunrise and a homage to Lathander as a good start for a new days work.

In addition to these signature creations, Urda's bakery also offers a wide range of breads, pastries, and other baked goods, all made with the freshest ingredients and a touch of "magic". Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, the Eveningstar Bakery has something for everyone.

The Welcoming Hand Inn

29 - The Welcoming Hand Inn


The Welcoming Hand Inn is located in the town of Eveningstar in Cormyr, within the Forgotten Realms setting. It is the only inn currently operating in the town, and is located on the High Road at the eastern end of town, near a bridge over the Scarwater River. The inn was recently rebuilt and is now run by Azourn and Salashar Naasmar, the two sons of the original owner. The proprietors are are skilled cooks and known for their hospitable treatment of guests.

It costs 2 gold pieces per night per person to stay at the inn, and meals cost 5 silver pieces each. As the only inn in operation, there is a chance that all rooms at the inn will be full if the party decides to stay there. If this is the case, the PCs can stay in the crowded and smoky common room for 1 silver piece per person.


30 - Stables


Stables; proprietor Ladian Ruldo (see #3)

Old Meg's Hut

31 - Old Meg's Hut


Old Meg's Hut was a local home that was associated with a "hag" and was avoided by many people due to its reputation as an "evil" place. The hut burned down approximately 20 years ago and only the ashes, fallen timbers, and blackened flagstones of the floor remained. However, about three months ago, a tiefling named Margrest of the Shadowlands appeared and claimed to be the heir to the plot of land and everything on it. After presenting what seemed to be official documents of ownership, Margrest hired a group of workers and built a new hut on the same plot of land.

People in the town are curious about Margrest and her intentions, as she is an unusual looking person with black skin that takes on a purplish hue, two horns on her head, and shadows that seem to stretch towards her. Margrest keeps mostly to herself, so rumors about her have started to circulate, ranging from the harmless to the hurtful. It is not clear from the information provided what Margrest's motivations are for moving to this town or what she plans to do with the hut.