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The Kingdom of Cormyr

A foundation for the Eveningstar campaign

Interactive map of Cormyr

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Interactive map of Cormyr


Arabel, often referred to as the “Caravan City” or the “Granary of the North”, is a fortified city located in northern Cormyr. It stands at an important crossroads and serves as a major trade center. The city is about 30 miles east of Eveningstar and is one of the three greatest cities of Cormyr, after the capital, Suzail, and its sister-city, Marsember.

Arabel’s major exports include coal, horses, dry red wine, a strong bitter black beer known as “Bitter Black”, and cheese1. Unlike other Cormyrian cities, inhabitants of Arabel, even mercenaries, are allowed to keep their weapons unbound.

The city is known for its constant storage of food for winter in its cellars and attics. Dry firewood is also piled along the insides of the city walls before snow accumulates too much around Arabel.

Arabel has a rich history and has maintained a degree of independence since its inception as a logging camp. It has experienced multiple rebellions and secessions throughout its history.


Battlerise, a hamlet, derives its name from the hill adorned with the remains of a castle, situated to the west of the Darkflow River just south of the Way of the Manticore. In the past, this village suffered at the hands of monsters from the Vast Swamp and marauding lizardmen along the Darkflow's murky waters. Consequently, its population dwindled to a handful of resilient turnip farmers and a solitary waystation enclosed by a palisade, amidst the overgrown ruins of abandoned cottages.

The Margar family operates the waystation, offering fresh horses to travelers in exchange for tired ones or selling steeds outright. Over the years, several noble families considered rebuilding the hill's keep as their residence and a trade hub with Sembia. However, all such attempts were abandoned due to unsettling encounters with smugglers, dark cults, or rumors of undead activity.

Originally known as Battlegate, the castle was the seat of the now-extinct Auantiver noble family and is notorious for its haunted reputation. Recent rumors suggest that the Cult of the Dragon has taken refuge in its vaults, employing mysterious spells to conjure ghostly dragon apparitions and reanimating human and monster skeletons and zombies to deter visitors from approaching the castle.


Blustich is a quaint village nestled along the western bank of the Wyvernflow, where the Hermit's Wood gracefully meets the river. The villagers make their livelihood through a combination of fishing, hunting in the lush woods, and farming. One of the village's unique characteristics is its tradition of windraising dances, which have the remarkable ability to summon powerful gusts of wind. These winds are strong enough to shower the village with an abundance of hickory nuts from the trees lining the Wood, often filling baskets with the harvest.

However, for passing travelers, Blustich offers little of note beyond its windraising dances and natural surroundings. While the village holds its own charm and traditions, it may not be a significant destination for those seeking more varied or bustling attractions.


Bogbrook, a rural village of about 800 inhabitants, derives its name from a spring that forms a marsh and a brook leading to the Starwater River. In the past, the villagers were considered unsophisticated, earning them the nickname "Bogbrook country bumpkins." However, today the village is renowned for its abundant crops of marrows and melons, which are sent to markets in Marsember daily. Bogbrook is also known for its unique and fiery black wine called "utterdark" or "black Bogbrook water." This wine is produced through a closely guarded secret process and has a distinctive almost salty taste. It's not universally enjoyed, but it has its aficionados in various regions, including Sembia, Westgate, Amn, Chessenta, and Waterdeep. Utterdark's potent flavor makes it useful in marinades, often favored by ship quartermasters on the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Utterdark is sold in ceramic bottles, typically priced at 1 gp in Bogbrook, but its value increases significantly when sold in other regions, fetching up to six times its original price in Waterdeep.

Bogbrook itself is characterized by tall grasses, bogs, and muddy tracks. Safe paths are marked with posts, although leaning posts indicate treacherous terrain. The village's cottages are built in a garden hill style, surrounded by melon patches and cranberry bogs. Some families use small skiffs to fish for various aquatic creatures in the wetlands.

Notable landmarks in Bogbrook include the Utter Inn, where utterdark wine is served, and the leaning tower of Thelgarl the Thaumaturge, a long-abandoned wizard's home believed to be haunted. Thelgarl's tower stands alone in a dark pool and is avoided by the locals due to its eerie reputation.

However, for passing travelers, Blustich offers little of note beyond its windraising dances and natural surroundings. While the village holds its own charm and traditions, it may not be a significant destination for those seeking more varied or bustling attractions.


A quintessential sheep market town, is a collection of dusty cottages situated at a trailmoot amidst numerous sheep and cattle ranches, centered around three deep wells. It's primarily accessible via a well-traveled road that connects it to the East Way in the north. The town is permeated with the unmistakable scent of sheep dung.

Bospir may not be the most inspiring destination for travelers unless they have a passion for wool, an appetite for lamb, or an interest in buying and selling livestock. The Drover's Inn is the sole option for overnight accommodations, although several rooming houses offer lodgings on a tenday basis. The Nightbleat Tavern, known for lively and sometimes rowdy gatherings, frequently witnesses drunken brawls, especially among sheepshearers. The tavern's name reflects Bospirian humor, demonstrating the locals' wit and character.


Redspring is a location known for its rust-red springs, which are tainted by the iron in the surrounding soil, giving the water an unusual taste. Despite its odd water quality, Redspring is a reliable source of water that never fails, even during the coldest winters. The Sunset Stream flows from Redspring to feed the Starwater near its origin.

Historically, Redspring has served as a meeting place for shepherds, but it was abandoned during times when the Stonelands made the northern moors too dangerous. However, it is now experiencing a resurgence and expansion. Chosen by the Crown for new construction, it has a Purple Dragon garrison and is surrounded by earthen ramparts intended to enclose a future town.

Merchants are flocking to Redspring, taking advantage of Crown funds for establishing businesses, although many bring their own hired bodyguards due to concerns about raids from the Stonelands. The presence of four war wizards in a newly built mansion has further attracted newcomers to the area.

Redspring is seen as a land of opportunity, but it lacks amenities for travelers. There is no inn, and the tavern is basic, with patrons standing outside to place orders. The absence of building stones in the vicinity has led to the digging of deep pits for construction material. The town's muddy roads and scattered unfinished buildings add to the transportation challenges.

Despite its potential, Redspring faces the risk of being swept away by harsh winters or renewed Zhentarim activity. However, for those willing to take a gamble or embrace the favor of Tymora, Redspring holds promise as a place where fortunes could be made. A more comprehensive entry on Redspring is expected in future guidebooks.


Suzail is the capital of Cormyr and the seat of power for Princess Alusair as she now rules Cormyr as regent until king Azoun V comes of age. It was named after Suzara Obarskyr, the mother of the first king. The city was originally the farm of Ondeth Obarskyr, the father of the first king.

Located on the shores of Lake Dragonmere, Suzail is a large port city and one of the two Cormyrean port cities. A huge variety of trade goods flow through the city. Suzail primarily exports copper bars, grain, furs from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns, and lumber. They trade imported luxury goods such as spices, silk, and citrus fruit.

The city is divided into two distinct districts: the Royal Court, containing the palace, the Royal Gardens, and numerous noble estates. The landward side of Suzail is protected by an 80 ft. wall. The city is further protected by the Citadel of the Purple Dragons as well as three gates which are essentially castles themselves.

Two thousand Purple Dragons are garrisoned in the city and over one hundred War Wizards reside within its wall. 

As of 1372 DR, Suzail had a population of 45,039 with Humans making up 85% of it.


Marsember, also known as the City of Spices, is a metropolis and the busiest port in the entire kingdom of Cormyr. The city is located on sandy islands in the swampy west bank of the mouth of the Starwater River. It's a city of trade, with its design making use of canals that double as open sewers. This often causes a stench problem during warm periods but prevents the water from freezing during cold periods.

The city is often shrouded in mist. The individual islands making up much of Marsember have many local names, including Sharmran Isle, also known as Fishgut Rock, and Antanmaran's Isle, whose shape led to the name the Prow.

As of 1368 DR, the population was as high as 46,000 but was reduced to around 36,007 just four years later. The population swells by up to twenty percent each year during the fishing season.

Bledryn Scoril was the crown's representative as of 1372 DR, and the War Wizard Kyler Blackbone also had a hand in running the city. 

All mages entering the city has to register with Ildool or Bledrin Scoril before sundown. Buildings had to be constructed from stone and covered with stucco that had to be replaced whenever deemed necessary by a local inspector.


Tyrluk is a secluded village in the Forgotten Realms, inhabited by around 270 residents who are generally unwelcoming to outsiders. The village primarily caters to nearby farmers who used to visit its markets every ten days. Tyrluk has been all but destroyed by the goblin raiders and the attacks of the ghazneths. However, the residents of Tyrluk are a hardy lot: They survived the assaults because they sought refuge in the hills while the town was sacked. They have returned and now live among the ruins of their tiny settlement, dwelling in tents provided by the Purple Dragons while rebuilding their homes and lives.

By the end of the war, all that was left was the smithy and the Old Man's Face inn, and they were both left in poor condition.

High Horn

High Horn is a formidable fortress located atop the highest peak in the Dragonjaw line of peaks. It serves as Cormyr's western gate, guarding the pass through the Storm Horns. While its importance to the realm has diminished over time, it remains the mightiest castle in Cormyr. The fortress covers the entire peak, featuring multiple layers of defenses. It has a moat, walls, inner and outer wards, stables, armories, and guesthouses for travelers. Few outsiders have seen the castle's magnificent banquet hall, as most are sent to its dungeons or await questioning by war wizards and Purple Dragons.

High Horn houses around 400 soldiers, including archers, knights, and mixed troops, under the command of Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron. War Wizards also use it as a base, ensuring magical support for its defenses. The fortress guards the road to the West, preventing border raiders and lizardmen from entering through the pass and providing security for nearby gem mines. While it offers basic accommodations for travelers, the atmosphere is disciplined, reflecting the need to bolster defenses due to the growing strength of the Zhentarim to the west. Despite its imposing nature, High Horn has never faced a major siege or attack.

Map of Cormyr

Cormyr - the Forest Country

Also known as the Forest Country and the Land of the Purple Dragon.

Cormyr is one of the oldest kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. It's a land of classic fantasy, where until recently a strong king ruling his subjects fairly and evenly, but recent events with the Goblin War only a few years away have changed that. Nobles are still struggling against each other for the scraps of power that the crown does not hold onto and adventuring companies who are willing to clear dangerous lands of ferocious monsters for a small share of the crown's treasury are in high demand although not always in high regard. 

Cormyr, also known as the Forest Country and the Land of the Purple Dragon lies between the desert kingdom of Anauroch to the north and the Lake of Dragons to the south. It is northwest of the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Thunder Peaks form the eastern border of Cormyr and the Stormhorns the west forms two massive obstacles that traditionally have keep Cormyr relatively safe.

Recent events in Cormyr

1371 DR

Plage, invasion, ancient curses, and the appearance of the "Devil Dragon"

1371 DR, was in many ways a year of great change for Cormyr. The nation was the scene of a great plague that blighted much of Cormyrs cropland, orcs and strange highly disciplined goblins invaded in numbers not seen in Cormyr for centuries, and old foes of the Obarskyrs, risen through evil magic as ghazneths (magic draining winged creatures of great power) and fated to bring about the fall of the nation, tore at the realm. Cormyr roused itself to war, only to suffer countless defeats. Goblin castles arose in the northern reaches beyound the mountains, Vangerdahast disappeared doing the nations time of crisis, and the ghazneths were joined in the skies by a gargantuan ancient red wyrm, the "Devil Dragon," Nalavarauthatoryl the Red.

The king is dead. All hail the King.

Azoun Obarskyr IV of Cormyr

Azoun Obarskyr IV and his fierce daughter, Alusair the Steel Princess, fought the goblinkin and the ghazneths but tasted more defeat. The city of Arabel was besieged, evacuated through the use of portals hidden theirin, and lost to goblin armies. Some nobles committed outright treason, and others openly defied the Crown Princess, revealing that many among Cormyr's nobility no longer felt any loyalty to the crown beyond their personal respect for Azoun.

By the end of the crisis, Nalavarauthatoryl and Azoun IV had slain each other on the battlefield, at the great cost of life of meny of the realm's mightiest warriors, officials, soldiers, War Wizards, and highest nobility. Crown Princess Tanalasta defeated the ghazneths but, died soon after in childbirth giving the land a new king: the infant Azoun V.

Aftermath - a land in turmoil

Princess Alusair Obarskyr of Cormyr

The Princess Alusair now rules Cormyr as regent, ably assisted by the Queen Filfaeril untill the day when Azoun V comes of age. Vangerdahast the court Wizard has chosen a successor, the battle-sorcerer Caladnei, and removed himself from the public eye. Many nobles are on the sword's edge of rebellion, others seek to claw their way back from exile, and Sembian interests are trying to covertly take control of Cormyr or at least gain substantial influence. As the land rebuilds, it offers new opportunities-and new dangers.

1372 DR

Cormyr - A land on the brink of chaos

As of 1372 DR, the country was under threat from all sides and struggling to hold onto order. Nobles bickered over land rights, Sembian merchants and a Cult of the Dragon cell tried to gain a trading foothold, and there was a Zhentarim presence. The city of Shade posed a threat.

Around 1372 DR, the country felt the effects of the Goblin War and the death of King Azoun IV. Bandits inhabited the roads and remnants of orc and goblin armies inhabited the forests. Not only that, but by the threath of the newly returned Shade nation, Cormyr once again called to arms and in the first and only battle the town of Tilverton was destroyed in a battle against the Shadovar, leaving the strategically important northeast of the country open to raiders wishing to invade.

The ruler as of 1372 DR, Regent Alusair Obarskyr, had her hands full dealing with all of these threats. She had the experienced Purple Dragons and War Wizards at her disposal.

Cormyr Coat of Arms
  • Capital:

    Suzail - 45.039 people

  • Population:

    1.360.800 people (85% humans mostly Chondathan, 10% half-elves, 4% elves, 1% other)

  • Languages:

    Chondathan, Common, Elven, Damaran, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, Turmic

  • Goverment:


  • Religions:

    Chauntea, Deneir, Helm, Lathander, Lliira, Oghma, Malar, Milil, Selûne, Silvanus, Tempus, Tymora, Waukeen.

  • Imports:

    Glass, ivory, spices

  • Exports:

    Armor, carved ivory, cloth, coal, food, swords, timber

  • Cities and Towns:

    Suzail (Capital) - 45,039
    Arabel - 30,606
    Dhedluk - 936
    Eveningstar - 954
    Immersea - 1,170
    Marsember - 36,007
    Thunderstone - 1,800
    Waymoot - 1,980
    Wheloon - 6,661

  • Settlements:

    Dreamer's Rock
    Eagle Peak
    Gray Oaks
    Griffon Hill
    High Horn (hold)
    Mouth o' Gargoyles
    Ongul's Water
    Seven-Pillared Hall
    Skull Crag
    Smuggler's Stone

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