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Timeline 1974

Kythorn 25:

In Arabel, Dabron Sashenstar publicly proclaims, “In the name of the Merchant’s League and House Sashenstar, I declare that the Iron Throne is sundered.” He also rejects the Zhentarim bid for control of the weapons trade, saying, “I’ll grant that the scepter and the fist are instruments of tyranny, but the keen edge of a sharp blade is as much an instrument of freedom as it is the heavy boot of tyranny.” Given the ongoing hostilities beneath the boughs of Cormanthor, Dabron decides to take advantage of the unexpected situation and sell his wares in Arabel. The master of House Sashenstar begins entertaining bids from quartermasters working on behalf of the armies of Hillsfar, Sembia, Zhentil Keep, and Seiveril’s Crusade.

Kythorn 26:

House Dlardrageth attacks the city of Hillsfar and Hillsfar’s army based at the Standing Stone [700]. The First Lord’s tower is destroyed, but Maalthiir escapes.

Flamerule 3:

House Dlardrageth breaks Hillsfar’s army at the Standing Stone, forcing it to flee back to Hillsfar. Sembia’s army begins to dissolve under repeated assault by the legions of House Dlardrageth.

Flamerule 12:

High Priests of Waterdeep, Marsember, and Ordulin declare that the Risen Sun is heresy and warns Daelegoth that he risks excommunication. The western tower of the Eclipse falls to the Army of Three Stars. 

Flamerule 21:

House Dlardrageth destroys the Standing Stone and allies with the drow House Jaelre.

Flamerule 29:

Reports spread through Amn and Murann that the ancient dwarf realm of Xothaerin is home to a large colony of stingers, strange
human–scorpion centaurlike hybrids.


Sunlord Daelegoth Orndeir, leader of the Risen Sun heresy, calls his faithful to Elversult to witness the first sign of Amaunator’s ascension. The sunlord then casts Amaunator’s eternal sun, which brings forth a second sun that never sets over the city of Elversult. Word spreads quickly across Faerûn, and would-be converts begin showing up at the doors of the morninglord’s temples, seeking to convert to the “church of Amaunator.”

The city of Murann and settlements all along the Trade Way from the Cloud Peaks to the Wealdath come under attack by stingers emerging from newly constructed sinkholes that lead down into the Underdark. The leaders of the stingers are said to employ giant-sized magic weapons and armor and demand repayment of all treasure plundered from far-off Maztica.

Eleasias 5:

Emissaries of the Elven Crusade reach a truce with the Sembians. House Dlardrageth launches a raid against the Elven Crusade encampment at Semberholme, but is repulsed.

Eleasias 6:

Zhentil Keeps army crushes the Hillsfar garrison at Yûlash.

Eleasias 9:

House Jaelre attacks the Sembian and elf delegations in Tasseldale; all three groups suffer casualties. Maalthiir decamps from Hillsfar, destination unknown.

Eleasias 10:

The Zhentilar invade Hillsfar’s western territories.

Eleasias 11:

The Elven Crusade allies with Sembia against House Dlardrageth.

Eleasias 17:

the Elven Crusade battles the legions of House Dlardrageth in the Vale of Lost Voices. The Zhentilar besiege Hillsfar. Fzoul issues his terms to Hardil Gearas, High Warden of Hillsfar.

Eleasias 18:

Malkizid is banished. House Dlardrageth retreats from the Vale of Lost Voices. Hillsfar capitulates to the army of Zhentil Keep.

Eleasias 20:

the Elven Crusade surrounds Myth Drannor.

Eleasias 22:

the Elven Crusade overruns Myth Drannor, and House Dlardrageth falls. A handful of fey’ri escape. Seiveril Miritar is slain.

Eleasias 27:

Fzoul Chembryl meets in secret with Jezz the Lame of House Jaelre and representatives of the Auzkovyn Clan. The three groups agree to work in concert to destroy the Fair Folk before they can truly reestablish Myth Drannor.

Eleasias 29:

Fzoul Chembryl orders Scyllua Darkhope to seize control of the Moonsea Ride by establishing a series of fortifications along the road south from Hillsfar.

Eleint 3:

Skirmishes erupt along the Moonsea Ride between the Zhentarim and Myth Drannor. Masked drow support the Black Network with targeted assassinations. This marks the beginning of the Cormanthor War, pitting the Army of Myth Drannor against the Army of Darkhope and the Masked Brigades (Vhaeraun-worshiping drow of House Jaelre and the Auzkovyn Clan). In the months that follow, a series of increasingly deadly raids and counter-raids are mounted by each side.

Eleint 5:

The Council of Six [1366] in Amn and the Murkul Sothillis of Murannheim declare a truce and form an alliance against the tlincallis of Oaxaptupa.

Eleint 12:

Storm Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, and the rest of the Knights of Myth Drannor arrive in Myth Drannor to aid in its defense. Within hours they are engaged in a series of hit-and-run battles with drow skirmishers in the forests to the east.

Eleint 30:

Kendrick Selkirk, Overmaster of Sembia, is murdered. 

Marpenoth 10:

Sembia’s High Council elects Mirabeta Selkirk as temporary Overmistress of Sembia.

Marpenoth 23:

A plague known as “the blush” appears in Logfell, a village north of the Qurth Forest in the Border Kingdoms.

Marpenoth 23:

The Fist of Winter in Winterkeep, a group of ice devils who are trapped in the bodies of fell sorcerers, are defeated by Amira with the help of the lythari.

Marpenoth 24:

The regency of Queen Sambryl comes to an end, as King Imbrar II reaches age sixteen and assumes the throne of Impiltur.

Marpenoth 28:

The Heart of Runlatha is stolen from the Sanctuary (nestled in The Star Mounts) by a shade on behalf of an agent of Sememmon. The dinosaurs that lived in the Sanctuary, protected by the powerful illusion abilities of the Heart, are stolen as well. The Heart and the dinosaurs are returned to the Sanctuary by Vell the Brown, and the Sanctuary is closed off from the rest of Faerûn forever.

Uktar 2:

From three hundred fathoms beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars, the lost enclave of Sakkors [–339] is raised to once again fly free over Faerûn. The Empire of Netheril is reborn.

Uktar 3:

A Sharran priestess, Esvele Greycastle, forges an alliance with Fzoul Chembryl, Tyrant of the Moonsea.

Uktar 7:

Morgynn the blood magus’s attempts to take over the towns surrounding Qurth Forest are defeated by a ghostwalker named Quinsareth.

Uktar 8:

The Order of Twilight, a cult in the service of Gargauth, attacks the town of Brookhollow. Despite heavy damage to the town, the defenders repulse the attack.

Uktar 11:

In response to the growing threat of civil war throughout Sembia, Selgaunt forms a military alliance and trade pact with the Netherese.

Uktar 11:

An immense kraken attacks the harbor and dock ward of Yhaunn in Sembia.

Uktar 28:

Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep is breached when three artifacts are brought into close proximity.

Uktar 29:

Saerloon’s army, using teleportation circles, materializes outside Selgaunt.

Uktar 30:

The Battle of Selgaunt begins and ends. The Saerloonian forces, bolstered by the green dragon Vendemniharan and summoned elementals, breach Selgaunt’s walls. However, Selgaunt’s forces repel the Saerloonian with the aid of two Princes of Shade—Rivalen and Brennus—and the timely appearance of the newly raised, floating Shadovar city of Sakkors. All elements of the Saerloonian army are destroyed or captured.

Uktar 30:

Saerb in northern Sembia is burned by an army led by Malkur Forrin, Commander General of the Sembian forces loyal to Overmistress Mirabeta Selkirk. Feast of the Moon: Esvele Greycastle forges an alliance between the Lolthworshiping drow of House Dhuurniv and the Zhentarim. Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun [1371] dies creating Rhymanthiin, the City of Hope, in the
High Moor.

Nightal 1:

Scyllua Darkhope returns to Zhentil Keep to lead an additional division into the field. To her surprise, Fzoul orders her to invade
Shadowdale again, but this time with support from the Church of Shar and the drow of House Dhuurniv.

Elyril Hraven, priestess of Shar, completes a ritual set forth in the empty spaces within The Leaves of One Night and summons the Shadowstorm. A planar rift is torn open over Ordulin, and that portion of the Plane of Shadow known as the Adumbral Calyx pours forth. Ordulin is destroyed in the cataclysm, and the bulk of its citizens are killed. Volumvax the Divine One, also known as Kesson Rel the First Chosen of Mask, emerges from the rift amid an army of shadows and shadow giants. Volumvax raises
Ordulin’s dead as shadows to bolster his own army. 

Nightal 15:

Sharran assassins infiltrate the village of Shadowdale and attack Elminster’s Tower. After a fierce battle, Elminster vanishes and his tower is blasted into ruin and hurled into another plane.

Nightal 16:

In the early morning hours, the Zhentarim army led by Scyllua Darkhope overruns Shadowdale with the aid of the Church of Shar
and House Dhuurniv. The Army of Myth Drannor is unable to respond as Zhentarim brigades to the east launch simultaneous attacks on several key elf fortifications.

Nightal 18:

Lord Mourngrym Amcathra publicly embraces the Army of Darkhope as allies and defenders of Shadowdale.

Nightal 27:

Scyllua Darkhope begins preparations to march south with two brigades to attack Mistledale, leaving behind the Brigade of Shadows to occupy Shadowdale.

Nightal 29:

The triggering of ancient wards alerts Isevele Miritar that Ary’Velahr’Kerym, the fabled Warblade, has returned to the Realms Above (or the uppermost reaches of the Underdark) in the vicinity of the Twisted Tower.

Nightal 30:

Storm Silverhand and Dove Falconhand lead an elite contingent of elves into Shadowdale. The Chosen of Mystra are grievously wounded upon their arrival due to the interaction of their silver fire with the local Weave and are forced to teleport away. Their comrades in arms are left behind to an uncertain fate.

1375 DR Year of Risen Elfkin