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Ladian Ruldo is a tall, broad-shouldered man in his mid thirties with a thick head of dark brown almost black hair and a well-trimmed beard. He has a kind face, but his eyes are sharp and alert, giving the impression that he's always aware of his surroundings. He is often seen wearing fine, well-tailored clothing and a purple-and-silver cloak, a symbol of his service to the Crown.

Roleplaying tips

Ladian Ruldo is a man who takes great pride in his business and drives a hard bargain, but is always happy to talk about his stables and in particular the animals that he cares for. He is extremely knowledgeable about horses and other mounts, even of the more fantastic variants, and can provide valuable information to adventurers looking for a reliable steed. He is also a loyal supporter of the Crown, and may be willing to provide aid or assistance to those who are in the service of the kingdom especially if there is a great need and can prove they are an agent of the Crown. He is also a loving father, and mentions his daughters often and with great affection. But he does not take kindly to anyone who might make advances towards his young daughters.

Key Info

Ladian Ruldo is the owner and operator of Ruldo Stables, the largest stable in Eveningstar. He is a loyal supporter of the Crown and an expert in all matters related to horses and other mounts. He is also a loving and devoted father to his daughters, Loraine and Lisera.


Ladian Ruldo is a kind and compassionate man who truly cares for the well-being of the horses in his care. He is a hard worker, a successful businessman and is always looking for ways to improve his stables and provide better care for the animals. He is also a loving and devoted father, who adores his daughters, Loraine and Lisera, and will go to great lengths to protect and provide for them. Ladian and the girls lost their mother doing the dragon war when they were forced to flee Eveningstar and it has taken a toll on the man, much more than he is willing to admit to anyone. He keeps up his appearance of being happy, but has as of lately begun to use herbal remedies bought from Margrest to dull his pain.


Ladian originates from Arabel from a poor family but was lucky enough to get noticed by an officer in charge of the horses in the army, for his passion for horses and his apparently natural aptitude for calming them when unruly. This led to a career of 12 years, doing which he was made Master of Mounts in Arabels purple Dragons regiment and made quite a few contacts in the horse trading business, allowing him to retire and set up shop in Eveningstar and start a family. He continues to serve the crown by providing care and stabling for the mounts of the Crown's soldiers.

Ladian Ruldo
Ladian Ruldo


"I may be a business man, but my true passion is the well-being of these magnificent beasts. And my daughters, Loraine and Lisera, they're the apples of my eye."

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